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Cuisine: Italian
5785 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2G 3L6 Canada 905-356-3844


This place is reasonably priced and the food is good. My husband, friends and I having been coming here for over 19 years. We are Italian and this food is good!!!

Fantastic! My wife and I along with our 6 year old daughter visited the falls for a family vacation recently. Before picking a restaurant we checked some reviews and came to antica pizzeria and restaurant. The reviews were glowing so we figured we would give it a shot as it was a block from our hotel. I must say the reviews were bang on! Excellent service, atmosphere and most of all the food was absolutely delicious! Next trip to the falls will include a visit to antica!

Awesome pizza, the best in the area. Finally a great pizza that isn't a commercial giant serving up sterile pre-formed pizzas. My Italian friend was impressed too. We enjoyed having dinner at Antica. Next time we are in Niagara we will return to Antica!

Best Pizza you will ever eat! My friends and I drive from Toronto to Antica in Niagara Falls once a month for the fabulous pizza. We discovered Antica several years ago and have been making the monthly trip ever since. Fabulous food, great family service and the prices are unbeatable. It doesn't matter who is flipping the pizza dough the end result is always the same...Mouth watering...

Thsi is the best resturant that i have been too!! I recommed that everyone try this place at least once! All the food always tastes fresh and i am never disappointed when i go! The tomato sauce and the pizza are by far the best i have ever had in a resturant!! love it:) Also, the service is always fantastic!! I make it a regualar routine to go! Way to go Antica!

Antica is a welcome relief from the oveanflated cardboard packaged meals on clifton hill. My family went to Antica because we had read the reviews online and we weren't dissapointed. The food was amazing. My daughter ordered the chicken parimisiana while my son ordered the chicken alfredo while me and my other son shared a pizza. Both were delicious. Service was great. We will be going to Antica each time we return to Niagra Falls. Deeeeelicious!

by far the best pizza i've had EVER. i hope these guys one day make chain restaurants into other parts of ontario. 
one of the best parts of going to niagara falls is going to antica pizza.

My wife and I were actually recommended by an Italian restaurant owner here in our city. We cannot go to N.F. without dining at Anticas. Now the Falls itself is the second reason for us going to N.F.

Best Pizza you can get anywhere in the country, Canada or the US. We eat at Antica every trip to the falls. They have the best service also. The pizza is worth the trip! 4 trips in the last 2 years!

This is, overall, my favorite restaurant anywhere. We frequently drive all the way to Niagara Falls from Toronto just to eat there! I would recommend this place highly and have taken several friends and family members there since discovering it about 2 years ago. It is a family run, very clean and friendly place with incredible, mouth-watering home-made Italian food.
A definite must if you are in the Falls.

Pizza the old fashion way. The best wooden stove cooked pizza ever. Family owned rest. so the service is really friendly and quick to accomidate.

This is prehaps the best Pizza outside of NYC I have ever had, and better than some places in NYC. I grew up in Brooklyn NY surrounded by italian restaurants and pizza places, I know good pizza and this stuff is great. The service was fantastic and freindly.

I thought that when you were hungry you went to a restaurant to order food. But obviously they decide when you can order. We go to Niagara Falls 2 times a year and even thought the pizza was good I will never step into their establishment again.

During a family trip to Niagara Falls we had had several restaurant meals that ranged from mediocre to downright awful.Thankfully on our last day we discovered Antica pizzeria. Our meal consisted of pizza, ravioli, spaghetti, and gnochi. All of it was so good that we all wound up eating "family style", passing the different entrees around the table. My 10 year old son (a self-declared pizza freak) said it was the best pizza he had ever had. It was a very enjoyable dining experience and we'll be going back the next time we are in Niagara Falls!

i had the homemade gnocchi and it was awesome. my friend had the eggplant and it was awesome too. ceasar salad lacked full flavour. pizza here is the best. great prices too! i would recommend this place to anyone.

This is absolutely the BEST pizza place!!! My husband and I discovered Anticas 10 years ago and have gone back every year since! We eat lunch and dinner there every day that we are at the falls. We are from NJ and make sure that everyone we know goes on their trip. Service is always great and everyone is so friendly. Don't miss this pizza!

the food was frozen nad it tasted bad......i orderd 1 sprite and it hade no food...maby i willl go to koutouki next time ore that new place bravo looks good to...i dont know??????

I've been making my own pizza every weekend for the last 15 years. Until I had an Antica pizza I thought there was nothing better. Wow, there is absolutely nothing negative I can say about this pizza. The dough is exceptional, the toppings to die for and the service unbeatable. There is a new number one pizza in my mind and it is easily Anticas'.

I love pizzeria antica, I visit there everytime I am in Niagara Falls, and I recommend them to everyone. I visit Italy often and your Pizza takes me back there. I thoroughly enjoy visiting you.

This was the best pizza I've had in a long time! The service was great. I was here with my girlfriend and my 2 boys age 7 & 9. The server was very nice and attentive to the kid's orders. I will come back every time I am in the Falls.

Went to Niagara Falls for our Honeymoon. I still dream about that pizza, best ever! Service was also excellent!

I drive all the way from Brampton just to satisfy my cravings!! Pizza is an obssesion to me and Antica makes the best pizza Ive ever had!

I don't know how this place is rated so well, I ordered Veal Parmisan and had to return it because it was cold. And for $14 not even a salad came with it. The veal was a cheap frozen patti, with cheap grocery store noodles with a cheap generic sauce. Service was speedy but poor quality. The utensils and napkins were just throw in the middle of the table, so I had to set the table, and we asked for water and she came with a pitcher and a stack of empty cups that I had to fill and serve to my family of 6. My food was cold and had to return it. My mother in law had the $8 pasta special, all this was was a bowl of cheap pasta in a cereal bowl once again with out a salad or any side dishes. My wife did have the pizza and said it was good. So if you go eat here just get the pizza and don't waste your money on their pasta dishes.

Wow, never had a better pizza , the #15 is amazing. we were there before the dinner rush and the service was still slow, but we had a seat where we could watch them make the pizza , definatly made you feel like you were in Italy. If in Niagara , get there before 5:30 to eat or you will be in a long line.. excellent, will Definatly eat there again..

Antica Pizzeria - is the best pizza in the world according to my husband and our kids ages 7, 9 & 12.  We visit Niagara Falls every summer and that is the most important stop of the trip.  We have it for lunch and dinner most of the time and make sure we carry out some for the ride back home.  We recommend it to all our friends and family that make a trip to Niagara Falls.  The homemade gnocchi is our fav. and the pizza of course is to a slice of goodness coming from a wood burning oven.  MANGIA MANGIA BUONE TUTTI A ANTICA PIZZERIA - forever fans from Rochester, NY.

My wife and I spent Valentines Weekend and Family Day in Niagara Falls. We tried Antica on our last Night in N.F. and even though its a Pizzeria , we chose Pasta. I had the Gnocchi and my wife chose the Ravioli. While waiting we watched many pizza's go by and wow, they looked good. Must of tasted great cause everyone I saw devoured their Pizza. My Gnocchi was excellent and sauce was great. My wife told me the same about her Ravioli. We will go back again to try the Pizza next time. Our waitress was polite and courteous, and myself being Italian, found the pasta to be very very good. My Momma would be proud to eat there !!!!

Lived in Niagara for 19 yr and tonight was are first experience,, usually stay away from the tourist area,,,had the #3 and #4 pizza's,,,best in the city!!!! we will definitly be back and take out for sure,,can't wait to go back and try some of their dinner's,,,waitress was friendly and helpful, met the owner, wonderful man,,,good job!!!!!

Wow. We went to Antica on 1 July (CANADA DAY). With all of the events of the day, it was just 10 minutes of waiting to be seated. Food was wonderful (we are of Italian decent). The sauce isn't sugared up to mild it was very, very good. I had the chick parm (excellent), kids had Spaghetti and Meatballs and Pizza (loved it) and my husband had Chicken Alfredo (wow!). Sauce was perfect and not super heavy/gunky like restaurants often do by mistake. Another thing I loved is the serving size is reasonable. We left FULL but without 2 lbs of leftovers, as with most Italian restaurants...such a waste when staying at a hotel.

My wife and I went there about two years ago. We were walking around looking for something to eat, and we saw this place, my wife said let's try it, me being from Long Island and chasing pizza places in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Haven, etc, was like no way,but we did, we got a pie and it was really incredible, nice surprise. When I get back up to Canada will be the first place I hit

BEST PIZZA EVER. if u like inlaian food u are going to love this place, my family and i love to go here for dinner all the time. my favoirite is the pasta it is to die for. the wait is never longer the 20 mins and everone there is so welcoming. I LOVE ANTICA (u should start a chain)

i would give this place a rating of 15 out of 10. best brick oven fire baked pizza this side of Italy. Homemade pasta, homemade sauces, amazing prices. I ate here several years ago for the first time. I saw local Italians eating there, what more of an advertisement is that?? I was amazed. I had lunch AND dinner there, it was THAT good!! I eat here EVERY time I am in Niagara Falls. The owner is so nice,and so is the staff. We have been going for 10 years now. Even drove from Cambridge Ontario just for the pizza!!! Needless to say, we ate there, then took take out for supper too!!!

We were staying at great wolf lodge with some freinds, they wanted us to go to Antica to try their food well let me tell you it was the best i had in along time.I had spaggetti with veal parma, just great and the right portion of food everyone had the pizza ,had some of that it was great.Service was great will be going their agian.

Went for dinner with wife and two year old son on a Thursday night during the summer. We weren't in the mood for alcohol, so we ordered soda. It was the cheapest soda we had at the Falls at $1.95. However, it didn't come with free refills. We asked for water and they brought us a nice big glass with lemon, so that was fine. We decided to order two appetizers and one pizza to share as a family. We started with cheesy garlic bread, which was delicious. My son ate most of it. We continued with the fried calamarri. At $11.99, it was a bit pricey, but we got a huge plate and it was fried perfectly. The squid was well-flavored, not too chewey, and came with an interesting garlicy mayo based dipping sauce. The pizza was a simple 12" pepperoni pie. The crust was thin and crispy. Overall, it was a very good pizza. I was skeptical that this would not be enough food to fill us all up, but nobody left hungry. The bill, with tax, came to $40. To feed a family of 3, this might be the best deal in Niagara Falls. In fact, it was $6 cheaper than the mediocre breakfast we had at Denny's that morning. The server was a young kid who seemed a little shy, but he was attentive and knowledgable and did a nice job. Being right off of Clifton Hill, the atmosphere had some excitement to it. Overall, I would hightly recommend Antica to any traveler looking for a quality and affordable meal.

We look forward to eating at this restaurant everytime we are in Niagara Falls. The food is excellent, especially the pizza. The staff is friendly and the price is reasonable.

We went there after many resturants that were over priced and food not very good. Pizza amazing, i ordered the Gnocchi, excellent. Fast service friendly and very good prices compared to other resturants in the are. Worth a trip there will not regret it. Will go back for sure.

I read the reviews here and decided on my recient trip with my wife to N.F. to give it a try. The staff were very friendly and the food was ready fast but it was not good. My wife and I ordered a pizza with pepperoni,mushrooms and bacon. The sauce tasted like watered down stewed tomatoes and had no flavor to it at all. The pizza (was a 12" ) had 4 peices of pepperoni on the whole thing and there were complete bare spots that had no cheese on it.This was one of the worst pizza's we have ever had,bland with no toppings.Both my wife and myself were very disapointed in the pizza after reading all the great reviews here. Next trip to N.F will not include a stop here!

Excellent pizza - good wine - good service and friendly waitress.

Best pizza I have had outside of Rome! Wait staff were excellent. We spent 5 days in Niagara Falls and this was by far our best and least expensive dining experience. If we ever go back to the falls we will be sure to be repeat customers.

Awesome pizza made by two real Italian pizzaiolos.... Worth a trip.

When I read so many good reviews, I thought it couldn't b this good right ? WRONG ! Awesome pizza and eggplant parm! dun miss this great rest!

We found Antica's almost 10 years ago and it was love at first bite. The wood fired pizza is so amazing that we drive from Greece,NY (a suburb of Rochester) to niagara falls (1-1/2 hours) many times per year just to eat there! I have tried other dishes on the menu, never average or just good, always OUTSTANDING. Try the homemade gnocci! Given the location on "tourist row" I was expecting expensive, overpriced, lousy tasting, tourist trap, fake italian cuisine with bad service. ANTICA IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST !!! The food is spectacular. The prices are amazingly reasonable. The ingredients are only the freshest and the best, no skimping on quality. The service is great, a real family atmosphere. As much a place for a casual romantic meal as a family dinner. Skip the resteraunt chains, enjoy Antica!

The absolute best pizza I have ever had. They have so many different kinds and the size is perfect for 1. Cannot get enough.

Food was great service was ok but was very busy,it nice to go to a real restaurant in niagara falls ,not overly priced thank god,always stay in the fallsview area,reason eating at antica cause only busy restaurant in that area,that speaks for itself.

WOW ... greatest food ever. Great service but more so the greatest pizza i have ever tasted. I brought my relatives that just came from itialy and thay said that its better pizza than they get back home!

Delicious food. Good prices. We live in Toronto and have relatives in the States. We always look forward to our Niagara Falls stop so that we can eat here.

I just love this pizza. I could eat it everyday. Now this is what you call wood-oven pizza. Becareful of imposters. You need to see that wood burning. OOOHHH yes and the servers are HOT just like the pizza!!!!!!!

An amazing restaurant. staff is always friendly. servive is fast . def one of the best restaurant

I attended this restaurant many times, but in this date, I proposed to my wife. We drive all the way from Toronto for their pizza and it is worth it. The whole experience is great. Great pizza, great falls, great staff.
Well worth the drive and I highly recommend this restaurant.

The waitress was extremely nice and friendly to our table. And the food was delicious. Will be back for more in the future!!

I don't understand the other reviews! I sat at the outdoor patio and watched while others seated after me got served. I had to flag a waitress just to get a menu. A salad arrived at an adjacent table and they did not have cutlery to eat it with. My pizza was only average. Nothing to write home about. Zappi's Pizza is way better. It is a family owned restaurant. If you are into chain restaurants, go to Boston Pizza for food much superior to Cantina. I see no reason to return.

I ordered Veal Parmesan for $14 that even didn't come with a salad, I think the veal was from On-cor frozen patties with cheap noodles and a generic plain sauce (worse than ragu). Service was not great. they just threw all the utensils and napkins in the middle of the table so i had to pass them out to our party of 6, we asked for water and gave us a pitcher of water and a stack of cups in the middle of the table again, I had to pour each cup and distrubute to my party. A few people in my party had pizza and said it was good. My mother in law got spagetti for $8 all it had was the same cheap noodles with poor quality of sauce and that was it, no salad or garlic bread. Poor value and over priced.

Mamma Mia! The best pizza this side of the Atlantic! The staff is so friendly..definitely family-owned and operated. Large choice of delicious pizzas at a fantastic price! Beware! You may become addicted! (Helene and Wilf, Toronto)

Best Ever. Don't miss this if you are in the Falls. Our first time in the falls and this is the greatest place to enjoy dinner.

You have to try the #9 Pizza on the menu, then you add cheese and pepperoni. I guarantee you will never order a different pizza again! Unbelievable.
I have been to this establishment more times than I can count, and I have never, also confident I never will, have a bad experience. The food is fantastic, the service is great and the Mascia family a truly genuine people.

ricota stuffed ravioli and PIZZA!!!
MMM...MMM...MMM I LOVE this place i moved to Niagara Falls for there food and im not joking, im very sad i had to move away. PLEASE IF UR IN THE AREA STOP BY YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!! 

Best kept secret in Niagara Falls. The New Yorker Pizza is a family favourite. It's absolutely, hands down, the best pizza anywhere. My 2 year old daughter normally doesn't like pasta but we ordered the pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs for her and she gobbled it up. I was shocked. Their sauce is made from scratch and tastes like it. Great food, very friendly service, casual atmosphere and the prices are very reasonable.

I have been to Antica Pizza many times and there is nothing negative that can be said. The food is real, the service is great and the fodd is not over priced. My boyfriend and i have been going there for 2 years and love it. Its the only restaurant we eat at now and has become another reason for us to visit N.F.

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